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November 20, 2009

Contrary to the looks of this dusty place, I have actually been writing. True, it's been over at BlogHer, but it's happening! I'm doing it!


Must-See Commercials: This may well be the age of TiVo, but I think I might love commercials. Rich with Snuggies, John Hodgman, and creepy-yet-mesmerizing Prius spots, commercials can be pretty damn entertaining. So why are we all doing our level best to make sure we don't see any of them?

Prius is Out and Smart is In: Long gone are the days when characters drank generic cans of beer or ordered a "soda" without specifying which mega-brand they wanted. In fact, product placement is so common these days that I've stopped being outraged over it. Now, I'm just interested in how the products change and what sort of impact they have as a product. Are they cool? A joke? Something to envy? A lead balloon?

Friday Night Lights Not On for Some: With the new fall season approaching, I started thinking and planning what beers I'd be sipping while drinking in the faces, accents, and antics of Landry, Matt Saracen, Tim Riggins, and Coach Taylor. Yeah, but then I was brought back to earth by the news that while Friday Night Lights was due back on the air on October 28th, only those with DirecTV would be able to watch. The rest of us poor schlubs? Have to wait not until January 2010 -- which would be somewhat bearable -- no, we have to wait until SUMMER 2010!

Become a Member of the Community: This year, Facebook took the idea of creating advance buzz for a brand new show and mashed it into our social networking obsession. For a limited time in early August, you could watch the pilot of the new NBC sitcom Community on Facebook.

Dear Vampire Diaries: How Hot is Your Vampire?: ... with books and television shows like True Blood and books and movies like Twilight, the idylls of a vampire slayer and her Scooby Gang are largely forgotten by a whole new generation of bloodsucker fans who don't really care what came before. And now with Vampire Diaries premiering this Thursday, September 10th on The CW, a brand new high school vampire show attempts to fill the Buffy void.

Anyway, the Bug is great, Dr. Mathra is great, the cats are great, and I'm great. Since we live in a pretty scary world, I'm going to be cautious regarding what I write about the Bug here. I also want to be mindful that years and years from now, the Bug -- or his friends -- could find what I wrote about him and that could be a bad scene. After all, it's not just about my life any more, it's about his.

Meanwhile, some things I can share are the fairly odd songs I've been making up to sing to him.

Sung to the tune of "Playmate":

[Baby], come out and swim with me
And bring your fishies three
Climb up my coral tree
Ride on my seahorse
Across the ocean floor
And we'll be jellyfish
For ever more!

Sung to the tune of "Home on the Range":

O, give me a home
Where Poppadum roams
Where the Hunc and the [Baby] do play!
Where seldom is heard
A discouraging purr
And the tails stay so fluffy all day

Also sung to the tune of "Home on the Range":

Well, the [Baby]'s awake
So, it's time for some cake
And maybe some pickles and cheese!
But before we are done
We'll have had lots of fun
Just remember to always say please/Just remember to eat all your peas

There was also one where I rhymed "love you so much" with "one-quarter Dutch," but I can't remember the rest of it. Probably had lots of "lala"s and hums for the gaps. Other than that, well, the world just disappears when he smiles at me.

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