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NCookieAA: Round 1, Flight 6
July 14, 2014

After that little sample shot of Highland whisky, we landed on a tray of shortbread samples and then went back for another sample shot. The Scottish are good good people.
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NCookieAA: Round 1, Flight 5
July 3, 2014

Also, for any old movie fans out there: can you ever not call Digestives "Diggie biscuits" after watching Charles Boyer drive Ingrid Bergman to the brink of insanity in Gaslight? Me either.
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NCookieAA: Round 1, Flight 4
June 30, 2014

Right along with the old-timey term "phosphorus" for a soda shop soda, Hydrox smacks of food invented in a sterile chemical-filled lab with people wearing clean suits. Which I guess it is. And which, to be fair, I guess ALL of these cookies are…
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NCookieAA: Round 1, Flight 3
June 26, 2014

I think it is pretty obvious that whenever Girl Scout cookies are in the fray, they will dominate. That said, I still need to spout off on these two...
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