N C Double Shot: Qualifying Round A-F
April 26, 2011

Okay, because Bunting and I are drunk lazy in need of help, we're asking you, our drinkers-in-arms, to help us narrow down the cocktail field for the imminent N C Double Shot.

Head on over to Tomato Nation and vote in the N C Double Shot qualifying round for cocktails A-F. As long as you don't plan to drive home, you can choose up to 10 cocktails that you think should make it onto the official bracket.

Don't know a drink? Google it. Have a suggestion for something we missed? Suggest it in the TN comments.

It looks like Mr. Beer sponsored the poll, so you should go check out their Beer of the Month Club for sure, but if any other cocktailians want to sponsor this contest, talk to the Lady in Charge. I'm sure we wouldn't say no to some mixers from my friends over at Fever Tree, because you all remember how much I love me some Fever Tree, right?

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