NCheeseAA Final: British Cheddar vs. Mozzarella
May 6, 2008

Well, here we have it, folks: the final round of the 2008 NCheeseAA. It's a great day for a game here in the Cheese House, so get out there and choose the cheese of your choice. If you want to review the bracket to see how mozz and Brit Ched got to where they are today, pop on over to the bracket.

Keen's Cheddar, above

Bunting: I love pizza. I love it so much that even working in a pizza parlor for two semesters couldn't break the bond I felt with one of mankind's greatest culinary achievements. I also love insalata Caprese; when I went to Italy, I ate it every single day, and when I go out for Italian, I order it every single time. Obviously, then, I have nothing against mozzarella, except that it's not a cheese that can really stand on its own: to shine, it needs to go on something, or in something, or with something. Yes, it's a staple, but that doesn't mean I think it belongs in this final. British Cheddar, by contrast, is a great snack with an apple; goes great on veggie chili; and is delicious all by its lonesome. I can't sit here and tell you I wouldn't eat mozzarella straight. I would; I have. It's not a bad cheese, mozzarella. But "not bad" just isn't good enough. The TGR/TN 2008 NCheeseAA Reader's Medal Of Excellence should hang around the neck of a true, sharp champion: British Cheddar.

Keckler: I agree with my esteemed colleague from Brooklyn: mozzarella is good on a pizza. But for me, that's pretty much all its good for. (Can't stand the Caprese in Italy, in a gondola, on the lam -- I CANNOT STAND CAPRESE SAM I AM!) Clearly, I'm revoltingly biased in this final match-up, especially since Brit Cheddar is my favorite cheese of all time. I appreciate mozzarella. I understand why other people like -- even love -- mozzarella. I just disagree with mozzarella. I want a cheese that is more than an ingredient. I want a snacker, a picnicker, a cheese that screams out from the fridge, "It is midnight and you are still up so clearly you need to partake of my sharp, smooth, deep deliciousness! Come, eat me on crackers, eat me with grilled scallions, or just eat me NAKED!" I want a cheese that doesn't give up the rotting ghost if I forget it's hanging out in my crisper. I want a cheese that doesn't sit in its own juice like an old man in his sitz bath. I want a cheese that's a champion, the winner of the TGR/TN 2008 NCheeseAA. I want Cheddar.

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