N Candy AA II: Fruit to the Death
November 23, 2010

Confused? Hungry? Searching for answers? Look no further. Bracket is here, voting is now.

Keckler: 10 Nerds vs. 2 Starburst. In discussing my original prediction of a Peeps final with the Evil Dr. Mathra and how I continue to be in disbelief they got knocked out earlier, Dr. Mathra told me that Peeps have too much sugar and "When you bite into too much sugar, your mouth tastes black." I didn't realize I had married Ralph Wiggum.

What can we say about these two contenders that hasn't already been said? Nerds come in a cool box that allows you to do shots of them. Starburst is a classic candy, and you get you a lesson in gift-wrapping every time you eat one. I have lots of candy rituals, but as much as I like them, I don't think I have one for Starburst. I just...ate them. I do remember that lime was my favorite, but you couldn't count on it. If you were lucky, you'd get one lime in every pack. But then the lime just disappeared completely. (Popsicles, Starburst -- my whole life I seem to be searching for the elusive lime.) Years later, Mars came out with new flavor packs and lime was much more plentiful in those. But the availability made it less special and it was lemon-lime, which made it stupid. I think I'm still really angry about that.

I'm voting for Nerds because I carry grudges.

Bunting: I didn't even remember lime Starburst ("Starbursts"? how does one pluralize the 'burst, anyway?) until you mentioned them. I liked those a lot -- and strawberry Starburst is my candy madeleine, so Starburst has ("have"?) my vote. I just prefer a chewy candy to a crunchy one, and as grateful as I feel towards Nerds for finally kiboshing that striver Smarties, their Cinderella story ends here. Starburst for the unsurprising but acceptable-to-me win. -- Bunting

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