N.C. Double Scoop Round of 64: Flight 4 Write-Ups
August 17, 2008
Hey! Bunting called me a "grandma"! Oh, fine. I guess I can be okay with liking the flavors of bacon, olive oil AND Butter Brickle without too much fear of suffering insta-osteoperosis. Criminy, with all this ice cream, my bones will be stronger than the Bionic Woman's.

Meanwhile, she and I are of a mind on the raisin issue: shudderfying. I do want to throw my weight behind the odds of Irish Cream making it through this round, though. Because of our puritanical nation that won't allow in preteen cheese, it was impossible to get Bailey's Haagen-Dazs on this side of the pond for the longest time. When I lived over there, I often indulged in those freakishly adorable single serving Haagen-Dazs Bailey's Irish Cream cups Oddbins sold in their Cambridge freezer cases. Tasty.

When it comes to p.b. cup and eggnog, I'm stymied. I adore Mitchell's eggnog and have been known to grab a half-gallon EACH of eggnog, peppermint, and pumpkin pie all at once, but a pints of Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup got me through my senior year midterms in college.

Anyway, go ahead and vote. Or if you don't know what I'm talking about: read and bracket.

1 Vanilla vs. 16 olive oil. You do have some vanilla-loathers out there, but I can't imagine they'd make this one close.

8 Irish cream vs. 9 Gold Medal Ribbon. Caramel fans may come out in force, plus we're in the middle of the Olympics…GMR could upset IC here, but you never know.

5 Chubby Hubby vs. 12 mango. You can't really compare these two, the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink Ben & Jerry's entry versus the simple tropical-fruit flavor. Mango is delicious, but it's the Chub's to lose.

4 Raspberry sherbet vs. 13 rum raisin. My feelings on booze in desserts (negative) and raisins in general (homicidal) are both well documented, but while I wouldn't vote RR if you paid me, this face-off could be quite close.

6 Butter brickle vs. 11 praline. I don't know, man. These are both "grandma flavors," kind of, plus praline has to walk a fine line to taste right -- many times, it either doesn't really register or it's way too sweet. Tough to pick, but in memory of my own grandma, who loved her some brickle on a hot evening, I'm calling this one for #6.

3 Peanut butter cup vs. 14 eggnog. You know the eggnog lattes at Starbucks? Yeah, I'm that one person who ordered those. (Repeatedly. I have problems.) I don't see my vote helping much here, though.

7 Grasshopper pie/Thin Mint vs. 10 Cherry Garcia. Cherry-flavored ice cream, Bing cherries, and chocolate chunks…"Cherry Barf-cia" is more like it. I'm sorry, I know people swear by it; it's just everything I personally hate in a dessert. Mint isn't everyone's favorite either, I realize, but I have to believe that generations of Girl Scouts can whip two dudes from Vermont. Call it.

2 Coffee vs. 15 black cherry. Coffee is perhaps perceived as boring by some, but should hold up in this match-up. Certainly I won't vote for black cherry, because I like exactly two things of cherry origin: that black-cherry/vanilla Diet Coke, which I don't think they make anymore; and actual cherries. Everything else, ew to the infinite power. When I develop a cough, I will take cough medicine; at no time will I consume a frozen comestible that tastes like Triaminic.

Voting is open for Flight 1, Flight 2, Flight 3 and Flight 4.

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