The NC Double Shot: The Final Pour
June 20, 2011

Here are your match-ups, so read on and then go vote at Tomato Nation.

5 Cape Cod vs. 1 Gin and Tonic. What will it come down to in this vote? Can the Cape Cod, reminiscent of summer but still perfect for a night at the club, best the narrower seasonal focus of the G 'n' T, whose nearly exclusive province is sunset in July? Does it matter that the CC lets you feel almost healthful, what with the UTI-fighting cranberry and the Vitamin C in the lime? Will fans of Cape Cod the place get behind Cape Cod the drink?

Doesn't matter. This one's about which clear booze you hate less, vodka or gin. I don't hate either, but my sometimes fraught relationship with Russia's finest means I've got to vote Gin and Tonic. Alas, I sense from the comments that I'll be in the minority. The pride of North Eastham wins this round. -- Sarah D. Bunting

10 Margarita vs. 2 Sangria. Seven things you should know about these two cocktails:

  1. One is Mexican and one is Spanish.
  2. Don't assume that because Spanish is spoken in both places that you can simply swap a tequila-based cocktail for a wine-based punch. That's like going to Paris bistro and ordering poutine.
  3. Not only are Mexico and Spain two different countries, but they are also on two different continents! Wild, I know.
  4. It is not generally recommended to order a Margarita at a tapas restaurant, and then proceed to get shirty when the bartender tries to politely tell you they don't make them there.
  5. If you find a worm in your Margarita, you will most likely become possessed and then vomit the worm back up, only to realize it wasn't a worm but actually the creepy pastor stalking your family who won't stop singing stupid hymns. If you find worm in your Sangria, you should send it back.
  6. Red wine hangovers are pretty lousy, but tequila ones are worse.
  7. No one wrote a song called "Sangriaville," so I'm calling this for Margarita. -- Keckler
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