N Candy AA: The Choco-lite Eight
April 20, 2010

Confused? Hungry? Searching for answers? Look no further. Bracket is here, voting is now.

1 Butterfinger vs. 2 fudge. I know we granted fudge a #2 seed, but I am actually, really, very, totally surprised that fudge continues to push on through. It's a slippery contender, to be sure. I love fudge, but I think it's a bit irregular for it to keep appearing in every flight. I'm going to be very bold and say that fudge will trot on out and Butterfinger will pile up the votes.

2 Snickers vs. 1 Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Paging Judgement of Solomon. King Solomon, please report to the candy store with your sword. In a tournament where both Bunting and I have admitted to one another that each round brings us even less to say about the contenders, this match-up is both colossal and expected. In person, my mother-in-law told me she can't believe we didn't give Snickers a number one seed. Over the phone, she made the point that Snickers has universal appeal. I can't disagree. For non-nut haters, it does have everything. It's a riot of nuts, caramel, chocolate, and whatever the hell nougat is. By comparison, Reese's PBC is the soul of simplicity. Peanut butter. Chocolate. Lovely little ridges. It had an adorable ad campaign, which begged the question: Who the hell are all these people snacking on jars of peanut butter?

I love them both. Separately and together. However, I will listen to my mother-in-law and call this for Snickers. When all Israel heard the verdict the Keckler had given, they held the Keckler in awe, because they saw that she had wisdom from Willie Wonka to administer nougat. -Keckler

5 M&Ms vs. 6 Kit Kat. Clearly we underestimated Kit Kat's power -- not to mention the number of different ways to eat it which exist. Maybe I'd find it less dull if I didn't tend just to stuff candy into my facehole instead of savoring it, but I can only be what I am. Heh. So who wins? I'll vote M for the greenie good-luck charm and the candy coating, and I think the little guys squeak through, but a Kit Kat victory will no longer surprise me.

5 Twix vs. 3 Three Musketeers. 3M has had a relatively easy trip through the draw thus far; I think that ends today. Twix is more appealing to those of us who like a savory/cookie-esque element in our candy; it's shareable; and it just beat a fairly similar bar in the previous round. My suspicion is that we ranked Twix too low to begin with, but regardless, it prevails here. -Bunting

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