Eat Local
Eating Local Babies
May 2, 2006

This is illustrative of my state of mind over the past twenty-four hours of failing MISERABLY at my Eat Local Challenge: I see an "Oddly Enough" headline that says, "PM Eats Babies," and I'm all, "Well, at least he was eating local babies."

Yesterday and Day 1 of My Eat Local Challenge 2006:

9:00 AM

Breakfast. I'm bleary and still in partial throes of last night's dream. Something about...needles and McSex? Oh, right. I fell asleep after catching up on the first season of Grey's Anatomy. I'm guest recapping it this week and feel the weird need to know everything that's going on. Of course, "McSex" at nine in the morning makes me think of breakfast McSandwiches that are curiously maple-syrupy and decidedly not local. "Decidedly not local." This phrase is still ringing through my head as I bite into my morning Clif Bar (EXEMPTION!) and take a following sip of Diet Coke.

Aaaand I've crapped out!

2:30 PM

Lunch. I made a sandwich of local prosciutto from Columbus Salame Co. (they're all about the farm to fork, so we're firmly in the yay there.), vinaigrette-tossed fava greens from Knoll Farms, paper-thin slices of local cucumbers, and local cheese. The vinaigrette was made out of local Meyer lemons, minced local green garlic from Knoll Farms, and local, local, LOCAL Stonehouse olive oil. The bread is from San Jose -- too close to call.

Where I crapped out on this meal:

Curry powder sprinkled over the cucumbers.

9:00 PM

Dr. Mathra comes home from a long day, topped off by an extended exam review session, and I serve up quinoa with ginger stir-fried asparagus and green garlic. I'm totally in the clear with the tender asparagus that was bought at the Saturday Farmers' Market at the Ferry Building and again, the green garlic from Knoll Farms. And, according to the Trader Joe's box, the quinoa is also quite local.

Where I crapped out on this meal:

My sauce, basically. My staple sesame oil comes from Connecticut, my premium fish sauce at $1.99 for a 650 mL bottle is from Vietnam, my Kikkoman soy sauce is from Wisconsin, and my rice wine vinegar is from Paramount, CA. At least the scallions and ginger were local. Um, I think. (Wait, they've been in my fridge since before I decided to take the Eat Local Challenge...where DID they come from?)

After proctoring his late exam tonight, my husband is eating Subway and Jamba Juice. He's in an Eat Local deficit.

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