The Posh Diet: Pineapple and Sushi
July 18, 2006

Before everyone was talking about Zidane giving Italy chest pains, World Cup gossip was focussed for a time on the family Beckham. More specifically, it was focussed on Victoria's spicy thighs.

Now, anyone who has seen Victoria Beckham in World Cup press knows that someone whose collarbones could slice through a tin can and still julienne a tomato doesn't need to go on a diet. Sadly, a scurrilous German rag decided to look closely at the backs of Victoria's frequently-exposed thighs and announce that she had cellulite. This celebrity watcher doesn't see a ripple and thinks the Germans should take a page from the 18th century English butler's book and start ironing out their newspapers before reading them.

Other reports came in that Victoria -- who doesn't like people analyzing her weight, small wonder since, see: toothpick -- doesn't eat out with the rest of the footballers wives. Instead, Victoria prefers to eat with her family and reportedly favors a Pineapple and Sushi diet to drop her ounces. Sorry, when you're that twigged out, you no longer have pounds to lose, it's all counted in ounces.

My take on the Posh Pineapple and Sushi Diet? A new summer cocktail!

I came across this bottle of Hula Hula Pineapple sparkling wine on one of our "stocking up" trips to BevMo and I couldn't resist it. I've had almond sparkling wine and found it quite interesting, so this definitely intrigued me. Surprisingly, the pineapple "champagne" isn't as sweet as you might imagine, but it does have a definite taste of pineapple after the swallow. It's really quite nice. However, since I can never leave anything alone without fiddling with it a bit, I decided to introduce ginger into the mix and create a refreshing sweet and spicy sparkling summer sipper. (Also, my choice was colored by the fact that I'm going to Hawaii in September for my first time. We've got a place to stay on Big Island but are open to suggestions for Oahu.)

1 teaspoon ginger juice
Hula O Maui sparkling wine
Gari (pickled ginger, sushi-style)

The Pour:
Pour the ginger juice into a glass, top it up with the pineapple sparkling wine, and garnish it oss with pink waves of gari.

Damn. Could there exist a more perfect cocktail with my crab, fennel, and grapefruit salad? You know, I'll bet it's awesome with sushi.

Oh, and hey, given that Jay-Z is now boycotting his traditional Cristal, due to the company's less-than-enthused reaction to it being the hip-hop quaff o' choice -- maybe he could think of this fruit bomb replacing the other one? Yeah, you're right. Jay-Z actually tastes are a bit more rarified. In fact, he has already started pimping with the Krug. Honestly? "Krug" sounds more street than pansy-ass "Cristal." Hell, I'll bet half the nightclub bouncers in New York are named "Krug."

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