N Candy AA: Final Four
April 26, 2010

Confused? Hungry? Searching for answers? Look no further. Bracket is here, voting is now.

2 fudge vs. 1 Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. I love fudge (hew), but it's surprising to see it in the Final Four here; the high ranking we gave it runs counter to the debate we had over whether to include it at all. Is it too associated with homemade treats? Do all the varieties (maple; with nuts and without) (hew) make it too broad an entry? In the end, we chose to risk it: not including it felt like a bigger mistake. Y'all have gotten behind it (hew) so far, too, but it had a relatively easy path through the draw, and I think it's done for now. Reese's PBC heads to the championship game...but not by a huge margin. -- Bunting

5 Twix vs. 6 Kit-Kat. In a million years, I didn't expect we'd be here -- no Snickers? Milky Way? Three Musketeers? No matter what happens in these two match-ups, it's going to be a very weird final. If I were to choose between these two, I definitely go with Twix. I like Kit-Kat just fine, but it has one flavor and one texture. Twix has chocolate, caramel (or peanut butter, if you swing that way), and cookie. Three flavors, three textures. Twix should take this, but I'm predicting another run-off. -- Keckler

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