The Chef is In
May 22, 2005

Send me your tired, your hungry, your unwashed masses of mushrooms yearning to be creamed.

After the exposure I got participating in Tomato Nation's Ask the Expert Series in Tomato Nation's The Vine, Sars suggested I make it a permanent fixture on my site, so after ignoring that very good advice for more than a year, I actually decided to act on it.

Starting now, in the "Kiss the Cook" section, I will be thrilled to answer any consommé conundrum, any quenelle question, or whatever edible enigma you want to toss my way. If you need a recipe retested, I will try to oblige. If you don't know what cheese to choose, I'm your monger. Wine tastings? Happy to sniff, drink, and spit (or swig -- your choice).

Just email me at and I will oblige.

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