All-Time Top TV Chefs
February 23, 2008

My careful and irreverent selection of All-Time Television Chefs is up at Television Without Pity. I went with some obvious choices -- Bourdain, Batali, and Julia -- and some not so obvious like, Monica Geller and SNLs the Anal Retentive Chef.

A few snippets:


I know! I know! I can't stand his shows either! But you have to give the guy snaps for pretty much building the Food Network on his BAMming back.

Gordon Ramsay

...the most endearing thing about Gordon Ramsay is that when he screams, "You fat useless sack of yankee-dankee doo-doo" or "It's a fucking carrot, you DONUT!" or even "It looks like regurgitated DOG SHIT" you can see the love in his eyes.

The Swedish Chef

Though Swedish by birth and by name, the Swedish Chef did not turn up his felt nose at whipping up "fruug legs," "ba-na-nana-na-na-na-na splits," and "flappen jacken hooten."

Bravo's blog, The Dish, had this to say about it:

We have to embarrassedly admit that the Jacques Pépin commentary had us dying with laughter.

Reactions like that are what keep me going.

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