We Like Tasty Bites, Yes We Do. We Like Tasty Bites, How 'Bout You?
February 11, 2004

You think you like Tasty Bites? No, no. You really don't. WE like Tasty Bites.

Liking Tasty Bites means knowing that the mylar-esque packaging is really the best way to preserve the perfect and delicious food contained inside.

Liking Tasty Bites means knowing that they're pulling Curried Mashed Potatoes from the shelves so you get a HUGE discount if you order them from their site.

Liking Tasty Bites means knowing that it's cheaper to buy from their site at a mere $2.29 a box when stores usually price them over $4.00.

Liking Tasty Bites means knowing that if you order $60.00 worth of Tasty Bite products, you get free shipping.

Liking Tasty Bites means getting a thirty-five pound box delivered to your apartment door filled with 12 Simla Potatoes, 24 Mumbai Pav Bhaji (Curried Mashed Potatoes), a 10 pack of Kulcha Nan, a 10 pack of Onion Nan, and a package each of Vindaloo and Tom Yum Soup (just for kicks).

Liking Tasty Bites means suddenly regretting you didn't order 12 boxes of Punjab Eggplant. Damn.

Liking Tasty Bites means that if the food supply suddenly ran out, we'd still be eating pretty. So pretty.

We like our Tasty Bites.

We really do.

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