Songs of Cheeses
December 19, 2005

Some songs I made up at work yesterday:

Cheeses love you this I know
For the Mongers tell you so
Hefty drums to store below
Some are sharp and some are strong

Yes, Cheeses love you
Yes, Cheeses love you
Yes, Cheeses love you
The Mongers tell you so!

Cheeses loves the little curdlings
All the curdlings of the world
Blue and yellow, goat and white
They are stinky in our sight
Cheeses loves the little curdlings of the world!

And that little bit of irreverence is brought to you by my Sunday School upbringing.

For more Biblical cheese puns, check out my recent column at Bay Area Bites.

For more musical irreverence, check out my Sandra Lee piece over at Television Without Pity: "Merry Christmas, Wal-Martha Stewart!: What would happen if Sandra Lee recorded a Semi-Homemade Christmas album? Grab your drink, and a handful of Xanax, and find out."

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