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December 13, 2005

Due to a sudden death in my immediate family, I've had to take leave from several of my projects, and Grub Report has been yet another thing that I just couldn't handle in the past month. So, again, it's been a long time since I updated this site, but it's been even longer since I updated my Sausage Links.

I've been meeting more and more people in the food writing/blogging world over the past few years, and the personalities, styles, and expertise are just so varied and extensive that it's really sort of boggling to think about. Or should I say, bloggling? Sorry, that was really bad. Anyway, one of these days I'll HOPEFULLY be able to catch my breath and do a complete redesign here that will include a better place for my links, but as a stopgap, here are some people I'm reading and admiring.

First, since I'm fresh off a KQED powwow, I gotta give some props to my fellow Bay Area Babes:

Jen of Life Begins at Thirty, who wrote an awesome post at Bay Area Bites about local produce delivery outfits. Since I have been thinking about getting a subscription with one of those places for a few years now, she basically did my homework for me. I'm thrilled to see she went with Eatwell Farms because that's who I've been leaning towards. I've also forwarded it around to other people who have been likewise as lazy about doing the research. Oh! And she had the most delectable picture of a roasted butternut squash that is haunting me to this day. I have to go make it.

Amy of Cooking with Amy, strangely enough, who will one day take me grocery shopping which means we'll be talking so much we probably won't get any actual shopping done. I love picking her brain about so many things. Plus? She always knows how to get stuff -- books, entries to various food shows or tastings, comped meals...she's hooked up.

Shuna of Eggbeater, who told me tonight that she thinks I'm really funny and also said, "I heart you," which makes me adore her for life. Another reason to adore her for life is the fact that she opened my eyes and mouth to persimmons this year. She also told the greatest story about Thomas Keller's pig face. And I'm bringing it up specifically so she'll now have to go write about it over at Bay Area Bites, because if she doesn't everyone's gonna think that Thomas Keller has a pig face and we don't want that.

Laura of Cucina Testa Rossa who sadly lives in Paris, which I'm sure isn't sad for her, but it means she's not around the Bay Area that much. However, her emails to me are lovely day-brighteners, and I look forward to hearing more about her adventures with the ice cream maker I made her buy.

Although I wrote about them before, I don't want to leave out my fellow authors in Digital Dish:

Biggles of Meathenge.

Owen of Tomatilla.

Ellen of Chronicles of a Curious Cook and Cheap Cooking dot com.

And a few others that I read on a regular basis:

Sam at Becks and Posh, whose post about San Diego helped me immensely last summer and who always has a new twist or take on foodie things.

Fatemah at Gastronomie, who will one day take me to Persian markets and personally teach me all the secrets of Kashk-e-Bademjan.

The Food Section, which has a truly enviable design. It's clean, artistic, and just gorgeous, really.

Bruce Cole of Saute Wednesday, who provides a vast amount of info on that site as well as being incredibly plugged in to the Bay Area food scene.

In other news...

I've written some stuff at Bay Area Bites. Let's see, spurred on by Check Please, Bay Area, I ate out at Isa, wallowed in smokey, octopede-colored memories of Region, and freaked out over a seasonal Cowgirl Cheese.

I also obsessed over the food of Star Trek over at Strange Horizons.

Finally, to date, I've shaken up no less than nine different Keckler Kocktails to get me through the searing boredom that is The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. Want to get drunk while you watch Martha write her next kiss-off letter or just plain want to get drunk? Here are the recipes.

French 75

Pink Lady

Dark and Stormy

Gen's Raspberry Gimlet

Dr. Mathra's Totally Hot Toddy

Keckler's Hair of the Dog (as inspired by Jeeves and Bertie Wooster)

The Buzzkill Spinster

Gröggy Mulled Whine

Come Fly With Me

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