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April 17, 2009

Since this is mainly a food blog that will occasionally morph into a pregnancy blog these days, you might all be waiting breathlessly for my placenta plans.

Well? You can stop waiting. I won't be doing anything with my placenta other than leaving it at the hospital along with all my other detritus. However, I will point you to the ever-funny Meghan Laslocky and her placenta plan over at Bay Area Bites.

FYI: Meghan's post and the following opinion is NOT for the faint of stomach. This will be your only warning.

Meghan took the route of having her placenta processed into pills she started taking daily to ward off potential postpartum depression. (Placenta is reportedly chockfull of all sorts of goodies that can stop you from going all Yellow Wallpaper on your family.)

However, others have recipes. It's become a thing among celebrities, and of course, many might remember that in 1998, celebrit chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall got the country in an uproar when he infamously cooked up a new mother's placenta, pureed it, and served it spread on focaccia bread to her friends. ON TV!

There is not enough gag in the world.

Maybe I'm just jealous of placenta and that's why I'm hesitant to think about a placenta plating. At my first prenatal visit, our midwife spoke almost reverently about placenta and how it was just short of a miracle that the body grows an entire organ to feed and nourish the baby. What about me? Aren't I sort of in there under the "feeding and nourishing the baby" category? Because I'm pretty sure placenta don't eat unless Mama does!

Look, I can't even bring myself to eat liver, so there's no way I'm eating that with onions. I'll just stick to chocolate and red wine. Although, did my mother do me a disservice by donating my three-year-old tonsils to science instead of treating me to tonsil tenderloin...?

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