Keckler and the Giant Peach
August 5, 2004

Over the last two successive meals, I've had the exact same thing: sliced peaches, a few dashes of fig-balsamic vinegar, and chèvre crumbled over the lot.

We had it for dinner, and by bedtime I was already dreaming about my breakfast. Yes, it was that good. It was light, it was healthful, and it was just so satisfying.

The peaches were from Capay, the chèvre from Redwood Hill Farm, and the fig-balsamic vinegar from Restaurant Lulu.

I want more.

I want to wrap peach halves in prosciutto, brush them with the fig-balsamic vinegar, and grill them until they ooze peach ooze.

Does this all sound slightly familiar? It might. See, it's really not hard to invent recipes just by varying one or two ingredients. In fact, it's so deliciously easy.

Speaking of the Biblical fruit, the figs are back and I made a long-ago promise to Dr. Mathra that I would make fig-balsamic jam for a Figs-style pizza.

More on that later.

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