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March 23, 2006

Crushpad Winery I know they've been around for a few years now, but I've only recently investigated just how making wine at Crushpad Winery works. Basically, Crushpad turns you into the winemaker, so whether you're from Scarsdale, San Francisco, or St. Paul, you get to make all the big decisions on your own wine. The grape, the vineyard, the harvest, the crush, the aging, and the packaging -- it's all up to you. If you think about it, it's sort of like SIM Winery or a "Choose Your Own AdVINture" exercise...

Hungry Cyclist I have become fascinated by this Brit on a bike who decided to quit his UK advertising job, fly to America, and pitch his tent along with his appetite. His goal? To cycle and eat his way across America in order to prove that American food isn't as bad as its reputation. After 243 days and 7067 miles, Tom Kevill-Davis has eaten snapping turtle stew in Minnesota and gutted his own wild turkey in Oregon...

Rent Mother Nature It may not be nice to fool Mother Nature, but how does she feel about being rented? In my opinion, this is the ultimate foodie gift. Do you have a major food fiend in your life and want to give them the most thoughtfully delicious gift? Look no further than the purple mountains majesty and amber waves of grain we have across our fruited plain. Through Rent Mother Nature, you can lease everything from almond trees to goats to wild rice beds...

Fallen Fruit Capitalizing on a forgotten L.A. law that makes all sidewalk-overhanging fruit fair game for public collection and consumption, three profs at CalArts have embarked on a project to make "fallen fruit" accessible to the general public...Considering they have big plans to infiltrate Brooklyn in order to show those denizens where to get their hungry hands on trashed day-old bread and edible restaurant spoils, could showing wine countrymen how to access undrunk bottles of tasting room wine be far behind?

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