I Love Kermit Lynch
February 6, 2008

I love Kermit Lynch. I love his store, I love his friendly, laid-back staff, I love his name (come on, it's Muppety!), I love his newsletter, and I love his wine.

And now? After his February newsletter, I love him even more.

Kermit quotes a chunk of the infamous "Excessively snooty and image-conscious people enjoy expensive wine more than that cheap crap you got down the street" AP article and notes that set him a-wondering. Kermit muses that perhaps we would like his wines more if they were more expensive. He thought about raising prices, not to only please us, but also to please his billfold and accountant.

The thing is, Kermit, I love your wines because of how, well, I hesitate to say "cheap" because it just sounds so...cheap, so let's just say "accessible," "affordable," and "ridiculously reasonable," okay? See, we don't have a lot of money, but we do love wine. We love good wine and good food. If we can get both at prices that don't cause us to sign over our first-born kitten, we're ecstatic. I love your wines because if you say they're good, I know they're good. I know I'm going to enjoy them. At any price.

(I also love you because you sell our favorite olive oil for the best price in the ENTIRE country -- suck it, Zingerman's! I mean, obviously I love you in the Go Blue! way, but are you freaking kidding me with this $65 crap?!)

Finally, Kermit, I love you for coming to this conclusion after reading the AP article:

"However, talking to accountants always makes me think about taxes. Higher profits, higher taxes. Then I thought about how the current crew in Washington uses my money and decided to leave my prices as low as they are whether you like it or not."

We like it.

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