You Miss Some, You Eat Some
August 15, 2005

Sadly, being stuck as I am in San Diego this summer, I missed out on the SF Food Bloggers Picnic. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine, ten, eleven, twelve...and they all had fun, at the Food Blogger's Picnic!" Any other Ladybug Picnic singers out there?

You can read up on some of the delicious fare presented by each food fiend trying to impress every other food fiend -- that's what we do, you know -- over at Becks and Posh, Gastronomie, Meathenge, and Cooking with Amy. They were the organized organizers after all.

I'm especially shattered to have missed out on Fatemah's (of Gastronomie) Kashk-e Bademjaan. She promised to teach me how to make it all in the authentic way and stuff, and I am SO holding her to that promise when we're back in SF. I'm also bummed to have missed out on meeting so many other food fiends whose blogs and sites provide much inspiration and salivation. Did you know that Blue Bottle Coffee-ers have a blog? I didn't, but considering my obsession with that establishment, I'm certain to be stalking it in the days to come. Being down in San Diego without Blue Bottle Coffee has been a mite painful and sort of sleepy.

I say "stuck" in San Diego but the reality is, I'm going to miss San Diego much more than I anticipated when we return to San Francisco in two weeks. We went up to Chino Farms and lunched at Bread and Cie this past weekend, but you'll have to check out my Thursday column at Bay Area Bites for a morsel on that.

I do promise that I have several goodies in store for Grub Report this week. In the area of one of my Summer Projects, I received a ton of email about ice cream in the last week and have acted on a few of them with excellent and applauded results. (I didn't do the applauding because that would be...vainglorious. It was my test eaters who applauded as they simultaneously nursed ice cream headaches.) On the subject of my other Summer Project: they said it couldn't be done but I cracked the Pizza Crust Code!

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