Crusty Shirt à la Mode
October 6, 2008

Every once in awhile a form of entertainment comes along that restores your faith in that particular form of entertainment. It might be unrelentingly quirky, but it's also so aware of its quirkiness that, not only does it fully embrace said quirkiness in a way that forces you to embrace it as well, but it also tempers the quirk with a hearty pinch of darkness. It's so good that every week, you start to crave pie.

What do you think of pie? Personally, I'm for it, but I'm also quite (say it with me!) picky about the pie I eat.

When it comes to fruit pie, I'm all about the strawberry (sans rhubarb, because I don't believe a root belongs in my dessert), blueberry, peach, and apple. Apple is my favorite. Specifically, Dutch Apple for the "Vander Weide" in me.

Now, I'm one of Those People who actually craves the cheese-apple combo. Give me a nice sharp slice of cheddar and a smooth Macintosh wedge and just leave me alone for a few hours. Therefore, I was quite entranced by something I heard, saw, or read, suggesting that sprinkling little Gruyère in the crust of an apple pie wouldn't be the worst idea in the world. Think about it.

Moving on to the non-fruited pies, there's sticky pecan, lemon meringue, decadent coconut cream, and my family's recipe for chocolate with a dacquoise crust. It's just too bad there aren't enough pies in the world for Bunting and me to get up a N.Crust A.A.

So, just in time for Halloween, here's a Glarkware way to celebrate your love for pie and death. If he hadn't bit the crust himself those years ago, I have no doubt Edward Gorey would now be wearing this as a nightshirt.

(Full Disclosure: I helped come up with the wordy stuff on this shirt and I'm honored to be associated with Glarkware.)

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