Conspicuous Consumption
April 13, 2006

The above? $4.95 tops, and very delicious, though I do say so myself.

It's just...why? No, really, WHY? Why on L. Ron Hubbard's green earth would you drop ten thousand frickin' dollars for something that is in your mouth for all of thirty seconds and -- Oh, please! Look away if you have delicate sensibilities! -- stays in your system for all of twenty-four hours? Is it just for the bragging rights? Sorry, I guess I just don't need those...

...Look, I love my food. I really enjoy my food. If it weren't considered taboo, I might just take a flaky piece of Aziza's basteeya and rub it all over my body. Furthermore, I consider it a wasted meal if I'm not quietly chair dancing by time I lay down my fork for the last time. However, I see no earthly reason why I should go into debt for my food. I see no earthly reason why ANYone should go into debt for their food. Be they Donald Duck or Donald Trump, five thousand dollars is too damn much to pay for a burger. A BURGER PEOPLE! Fine, it comes with a bottle of Chateau Mr. Fuzzypants and is made with Kobe beef, foie gras, and truffles. And there is something about keeping the china on which everything was served, but I've already got boxes of wedding china that I don't unpack more than once a year, so why would I want a single mismatched setting?

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