Fulminating on Fishberry Jam
April 16, 2008

If eating a $82 plate of caviar isn't going to make me love fish eggs, nothing will.

I've said this before, caviar is one of those things I want to like, because of all the drama, tiaras, and Auntie Mame that goes with it, but I just don't.

However, after eating the aforementioned caviar at Tsar Nicoulai on the Travel Channel's dime yesterday, I will upgrade "moderate distate" to "tolerance." I mean, it's fine. It definitely wasn't fishy, which must be a huge improvement over every other caviar I've had, but I didn't fall in love with the salty black berries. (Meanwhile, my bank account is breathing, "Thank god!") I think caviar requires you to be fancy on the inside and, aside from loving period dramas and escargot, I'm just not that kind of fancy.

Furthermore, as much as I like sparkly bubbles on occasion, I'd probably prefer a good glass of Gigondas to Champagne. I'd rather squab to foie gras, and Cheddar to Brie.

I'm a peasant, aren't I?

Speaking of Cheddar and Brie -- voting in the 2nd round of the NCheeseAA finishes up tomorrow. Raclette the vote!

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