Mo' BevMo
February 21, 2008

A scant few days ago my steadfast love for BevMo was shaken.

After getting all whipped up about Fever-Tree's newest low-cal offering, Mathra and I ventured forth on a booze-buying bender to replenish our gin stock -- woefully scare in the last few months -- and to lay in a new store of Fever-Tree mixin's. Imagine our horror! Our consternation! Our pearl-clutching! when we were told by BevMo on [redacted] that not only did they have a pathetic offering of Fever-Tree, but they were selling off what they had AND NOT REORDERING!

This was not to be bourne.

Having previously received prompt and sympathetic responses from emails to BevMo pleading with them to carry Post Road Pumpkin Ale (they would like to, but they can't until Brooklyn Brewery gets their Schlitz together), I immediately fired off emails to the other area BevMos to see if they were also suffering through a voluntary Fever-Tree famine. Not only did practically every store respond within about 10 minutes, but one in particular responded with some happy and explanatory news.

Stephanie: Sorry for the mis-information on the part of the [redacted] store. Fever Tree in an effort to keep BevMo in better stock is switching distributors to our most loyal and trusted ally, [redacted]. The process of converting from one company to the next takes a little bit of time and effort. The President of Fever Tree came through San Francisco last week and assures us that we should see plenty of the product in the very near future.

The best thing you can do to find out exactly when then product hits our shelves, is go to and pick the store you want to pick it up from. Pick the Fever Tree Product that you want to know about. The prompt upon picking will tell you we are currently out of stock on the item that you picked but if you put down your E-Mail Address, as soon as we receive it back in stock it will automatically send you a response that we have the item. I will keep your E-Mail address on file here at the Geary store and follow up when we get the product back in.

Again sorry for the confusion.

Whew! Bit of a near miss there!

Thanks for making me love you again, BevMo. Now, let's work on you guys carrying Citra.

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