Amazonian Food?
July 16th, 2006

Well, given how Amazon is about to take over the world with books, media, drugs, and Calphalon, I guess it was inevitable that they would add food to that list.

A quick search taught me that they don't carry my staples of Izzie and Diet Coke (WTF? Wait, I guess they might explode in transit? But come on! They're AMAZON -- they pioneered web-based shopping, don't you think they could reconfigure the aft torpedoes in order to hyper-pack fizzy objects?), but they are selling two twelve-packs of Clif Bars at a cheaper price than what we normally pay at Trader Joe's. Interesting that they aren't selling the powdered version of Kraft Mac and Cheese, however they are selling the microwavable Easy Mac. To prove that they are keeping with the times and not eating too many babies on the side, Amazon Grocery does appear to have a "natural and organic" section.

You know they gotta be opening a booze store next, right?

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