I Can't Seem to Forget You...
December 12, 2008

I never made a real connection between Christmas and perfume until now.

Meanwhile, given that every year one of the stocking stuffers my mom was sure to get from us was a bottle of her current favorite perfume, I definitely should have come to this conclusion sooner. There were the Charlie, Jean Naté, and White Shoulders years, followed by Gloria Vanderbilt and a brief dalliance with Poison.

One Christmas, we drowned her with the entire Jovan florals line of Island Gardenia, Night Blooming Jasmine, a third possibly orchid-related perfume topped with a sinister black cap.

While perfume commercials abound at all times of the year, it stands to reason that they are especially prolific around the holidays when men might be casting around for gift ideas. "Hm, I didn't know what to get Eunice for Christmas, but that scary lady swimming around in gold paint suddenly inspired me to buy J'Adore."

What doesn't make sense is why Prince Matchabelli hauls out the same commercial every year. Because ain't no amount of Wind Song gonna cover up those dated mothballs.

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