Walking Pregnant
February 24, 2009

Yay -- Heathen announced her pregnancy! TWIIIINS!

This is the way I figure the TWOP Alum Baby Schedule: I'm due at the end of June, Evany's due at the end of July, and Heathen's due at the end of August. If we were all still recapping, we couldn't have planned summer programming babies any better. Well, I guess Heather's schedule would bump her into the fall season, but still.

Heather and I have been emailing back and forth for a few months, comparing pregnancy notes and giving advice on clothes, ginger chews, and other big -bellied stuff, and some of the emails are pretty hysterical. We've recently been in paroxysms over how comfortable maternity jeans are. Clearly, everyone should wear them or Bella Bands; the world would be a much happier and harmonious place.

Today, I wanted to email her: "Are you walking pregnant yet?" The question was spawned (heh, "spawned") by her comment that she's been putting her hand on her belly in that "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant!" sort of way. I've been doing it too, but I never thought that was why I was doing it. I thought I was checking to make sure the bug was still there or because I was afraid of knocking glasses or things off tables as I edged around them (a ridiculous fear at 5 months, but still).

However, I think Heather's right. It's the whole, "I might not totally look it yet, but I AM pregnant" reflex. And you know, aside from that form of sign language, I haven't dropped the pregnancy card with anyone but my husband. Even when there were no more chairs left at the Jonathan Coulton concert, and we had to stand there through an interminably long opening act (1 hour before Coulton even came on!), I didn't do it.

Even when I questioned the fact that there was a "reserved" table (which NO ONE ever claimed), I did not tell the venue guy -- who told me he poached reserved seats for these other people because one of the guys in the group "can't stand for long periods of time" -- even THEN, I didn't say, "Yeah, well, I'm pregnant and also can't stand for long periods of time, so there!" No, I just stood and suffered in silence and then silently snagged one of the "reserved" chairs and sat down.

But this walking pregnant thing is interesting. It's pretty much a waddle, and I've been noticing that I'm doing it more and more these days. I'm not trying to do it, so when I first noticed I was doing it, I wondered if it was like the hand-on-belly thing -- sort of an unintentional signal to the world that I was pregnant. But then I remembered my Bones.

In the episode "The Truth in the Lye," Brennan calls a woman out on her unrevealed pregnancy solely based on the way she was walking. (Something about the movement of her ilium bones.) So, if that chick was walking that way at 14 weeks, I'm definitely waddling at 22.

Thank god my television obsession helps explain another fact about myself.

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