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Top Ten Most Romantic Tony, Phil, Emily, Carney, or Tacy Moments
January 11, 2013

As passionate as I am about Betsy Ray and Joe Willard, there are other swoon-worthy Betsy+X moments, as well as the ones that happen between the other Maud Hart Lovelace characters. For instance, I know he didn't say much, but man, there was just something about that Dave Hunt. What got me most was his participation in the Zetamathian roof-top stunt; still waters run deep and all that. Also, I clearly still have Tony Markham issues.

10. Carney Sibley and Sam Hutchinson looking for Carney's lost brother Bobby, during which Carney falls off the car's running board into the mud and Sam kisses her. (Carney's House Party)

9. Mr. Ray secretly arranging for Margaret, Julia, and Betsy to meet him and Mrs. Ray at the Moorish Cafe on their anniversary. (Betsy in Spite of Herself)

8. Phil Brandish calling Betsy Ray up to accept her Leap Year dance invitation and saying, "But you haven't sampled my dancing." (Betsy in Spite of Herself)

7. Tib Muller meeting future husband Jack Dunhill while showing off and subsequently falling down ice skating. "I'm not the blond you're looking for!" (Betsy's Wedding)

6. Harry Kerr stealing Tacy's "Hill Street Colleen" photo from Betsy's album. (I will admit that this one is here only because so many other Betsy fans called it out on Twitter. I recognize that, yes, Tacy didn't go for high school boys and was just as interested in Harry Kerr as he was in her. I also get that the ~10 year age gap between Harry and Tacy is acceptable for the time, but even as a kid I felt it was so wrong for Harry to be pursuing Tacy when she hadn't even graduated high school! Additionally, the whole "Harry Kerr gets what he wants" theme creeped me out as did the description of him being "very well groomed," both of which make it seem like he's a total player. BUT I am reconciled to them as a sweet, happy couple in Betsy's Wedding, so this entry will stand.) (Betsy and Joe)

5. Dave Hunt and his silent, intense stares at Betsy from across the room. (It's not stalker if it's pre-WWI.) (Betsy Was a Junior)

4. Emily Webster asking jerky Don Walker to leave her house AND THEN saying, "I just don't think about you." (It might appear to be the reverse of a romantic moment to be ejecting and rejecting a former crush, but she did it because she had fallen for Jed and had her eyes opened to what an enormous dill-hole Don Walker truly was.) (Emily of Deep Valley)

3. The final scene of Emily of Deep Valley when Jed Wakeman proposes and Emily cries "for she knew that now she would never be lonely again." (Emily of Deep Valley)

2. Tony Markham kissing Betsy Ray under the mistletoe at the Ray's house. (I was so into Betsy and Tony in Heaven to Betsy that when Tony fell for Bonnie's reforming schtick, like Betsy, I also wanted to crawl into my bed on the pretense of a busted ankle while I miseried out my stay of grief. Furthermore, I felt so betrayed by the whole horrible event that I was completely unsympathetic when Tony finally fell for Betsy in Betsy and Joe and was enraged by his machinations to come between Betsy and Joe. In fact, I am such a grudge holder that I actually cheered when Tony ran off with his broken heart to Broadway, because, dude? You had your chance and you blew it. Also, there was that blackface thing, which: eech.) (Heaven to Betsy)

1. Phil Brandish holding a scrap from Betsy Ray's dress up to his nose and saying, "My only trouble will be to forget you." (Betsy in Spite of Herself)

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