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A Few Weeks of SUFFERING
July 9, 2012

A few things going on around here this week and last week in the world of SUFFERING SUCCOTASH.

  • I have my first SUFFERING SUCCOTASH readings in San Francisco. Tonight, I'll be at Omnivore Books at 6:00 PM, and tomorrow I'll be at Book Passage in the Ferry Building at 6:00 PM. Come bring your picky unto me!
  • Also, I sent copies of the book to First Lady Michelle Obama's Partnership for a Healthier America and you can see the exciting letter I got in the mail from them.
  • I was on KQED's radio show Forum last week with Michael Krasny to talk about picky eating with him and two of the experts I interviewed in the book, Dr. Nancy Zucker of Duke Medical and Dr. Marcia Pelchat at Monell Chemical Senses Center. Being on Forum was a personal dream of mine, and I even got to sign the greenroom wall! (I signed next to Marion Nestle and Loretta Keller -- it seemed appropriate.)
  • Here's my "lay off the parents of picky eaters!" piece at the New York Times Motherlode parenting blog.
  • "It's a funny and fascinating ride through the world of taste-bud analysis and the biggest bugaboo of picky eaters -- 'texture violations.'" Review and Q&A from San Jose Mercury News (Bay Area News Group). July 10, 2012. (Read the full article)

  • This morning Mitch Teich talked to me about picky eating on the WUWM radio show "The Lake Effect."
  • Later this week, I'll be doing a live chat at the Washington Post. That will be happening on Wednesday from noon-1PM Eastern. Get online and type with me about picky eating!
  • Check out more upcoming events and cool things about SUFFERING SUCCOTASH in events and press.

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