Morning Becomes Suburbia
November 29, 2008

Okay, it was so cold this morning, we had to turn on the heat and hug the covers over our heads before we could actually get out of our air mattress to make tea. And there was the most bizarre-sounding bird cawing or cheeping or squalling in the dawn hours that scurried Hunca Munca back into his carrier after an early foray into the living room.

However, when the tea was poured into cups we forgot we even owned and the blinds were pulled up, we were greeted by a beautiful sight. I haven't woken up to crimson and gold burnished light filtering through our windows since Boston.

The cats aren't doing too bad, actually. After a fairly caterwauling car ride down, Hunca Munca has explored nearly every inch of the new place with a high inquisitive tail. Poppadum is trembling at times and doesn't really want to leave The Cave, but she has eaten both food and Greenies -- a huge improvement over her 3-day La Jolla fast -- rolled in some catnip and purred while rubbing her face against my hand.

Moving Update: With a few minor exclusions -- paper towels, napkins, and a few sundry items -- I have the entire kitchen totally squared away to my satisfaction. Better than that, I have the microwave, KitchenAid mixer, Cuisinart, coffee bean grinder, tea kettle, coffee maker, toaster, and blender all out and plugged in on the granite countertop, and I still have tons of prep space.

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