Moving Day 1: The Suburbs
November 22, 2008

"So the neighborhood we're moving to?"


"It's called Wisteria Lane, and it's apparently the most exclusive neighborhood in the area."


"Except for our street, which is all apartments, the rest of the neighborhood is $1.7 million-dollar houses."


"Yeah, and when that development of $1.1 million-dollar houses went up nearby, there was a lot of protesting."

"Why? Because the houses were slightly cheaper? Bringing down the value of the $1.7-ers?"

"No. At an emergency town meeting, a neighbor got up and announced that the houses and lots were too small."


"The protester went on that a study showed that kids who are raised in smaller houses --"

"Get claustrophobic and commit violent crimes?"

"No, they are 'dumber' and will bring down school test scores."

"My lord. What have we gotten ourselves into?"

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