In the Still of the Night
September 25, 2002

                      In the Still of the Night,
You can hear the zanzibub trees whisper
Calling to you in their hushamung way, greatly grimping with
the wind.
Speaking of kalmori's dancing with the koosh-kin, all in the

                      Singing, those zanzibub trees are,
                                            of junkly-junes cavorting,
in mirth with all the catchimines above. All-
                                 In the Still of the Night.

           And I ask you, would you listen to zanzibub trees,
or mingle with the kalmori's and kenderkin, would you dare
to come,
to a junkly-junes' wedding, held in the heaven's above,
and to be surrounded by catchimines -- such is a child's imagination -- would you presume to take part in these magnificent miracles, all
                                 In the Still of the Night?

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