Other Fat Chicks Like Me
June 8, 2009

I have yet to tap the pregnancy tree and let the sap flow freely around here, but I'm about to, so either get your buckets and fill up or head for the hills.

Aside the fact that you're walking around as a two people for 9-10 months and that you probably have family and a partner involved, pregnancy can still get lonely.

Suddenly, you've got all this stuff going on inside you and it's weird and strange and scary and you have all these thoughts and plans and, yes, there are people who can or want to share it with you. But only to a certain degree.

Make no mistake, my friends and family have all been very supportive and interested, but I'm also very self-conscious about not being the kind of pregnant chick who needs to turn every single conversation back to herself and her pregnancy. Therefore, I really self-edit. Like, a lot.

This is why I'm particularly lucky to have two people right now who are going through the same thing. And it's not just two people, either, it's two former recappers, so we can snark and whine and complain and laugh through Braxton-Hicks ambiguity (dehydration can bring them on, but so can a full bladder), through stupid advice from pregnancy books ("Before you eat that piece of coconut cake, ask yourself: Is this the best bite I can put in my body for my baby?"), through Babies-R-Us breakdowns (Oh, so many strollers! So many car seats! Where does it all end?!), and just about everything else gestation-y.

The emails and IMs that fly back and forth between me and Heather and me and Evany are full of updates and TMIs. That is, TMIs to most people, but for us, I think it's just life. It's our life right now and it's all so very real. And scary. And hilarious. And exciting.

So, I just want to say thanks to those big-bellied chicks. You guys made this pregnancy even more fun, and it certainly helped to know we were all going through some of the the same crap and hilarity.

Now just wait until we start sharing motherhood!

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