Pretty Poster Poetry
October 9, 2002

I have the best posters on TWoP Enterprise. I really do. Today, I came home from class and found they had been composing poetry about me in my "Fleet Commendation for Recapping Goes to Keckler" thread. Brought a tear and it had nothing to do with onions. I'm telling you.

From Make It So:

There's a recapper who snarks of space
And of the hills on Quantum's face
Of May-be-whos, and din-ner plates
And yokels saying "yew"
Keckler's our new dolly, our dolly, our dolly
Her recaps keep us smiling - and laughing 'till we're blue!

A collaboration of lines by: Hercules Q. Einstein, albinus1, HarleyQ, Wormwood, and with yours truly finishing it off.

There once was a girl named Keckler
Who would moonlight at times as a heckler
She made cream puff swans
And delicate flans
And considered changing her name to "Trekler"!

All together now -- "Aww!"

You guys are the best. I'm doubling my predictions on the pastries I'm bringing to EnterCon.

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