Ode to the Ondine
September 25, 2002

In the summer of nine-zero
There would have been great need of a hero,

To save a small craft
(Whose skipper was thought daft)

To sail it in the wrath
Of Superior.

On the eve of this night
His daughter saw with great fright
A most ghastly sight.

Far from the shore
The horrifying mark of a vicious carnivore,

A great ominous fin.
Her mother said No, no it could not have been!

What you had in your sight
Which caused you much fright
Was a trick of your eyes
Just a wave in disguise.

But a shark? Not at all,
For they have not the gall,
To swim in fresh water.
So she comforted her daughter.

Then on this night not long ago,
When the breathing aboard was deep and slow,

A shadow drew nigh this craft,
(Whose skipper was thought daft).

It took a bite from the port,
The captain awoke with a snort.

But, alas, it was too late,
She had seen her fate,

She sank slowly down,
And without a sound.

For there was no trumpeter to toot
One final salute

To this brave little craft,
(Whose skipper was thought daft)

Through the daughter, her fate had they seen,
It would not be known today,
as the fate
Of the Ondine.

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