PrObama: Yes, We Can
November 4, 2008

Have you voted? Are you ready?

I did. I am.

Let's make history remember this day. Let's make our children and grandchildren proud.

It's not over until you vote, so if you care about tomorrow and next week and next year, vote now.

Election Night Menu

Clam Dip: clams come in Yes we cans (tm Married With Dinner) and to tell Palin to "clam up." (Mathra now wants this historic Vander Weide family dip renamed, "Yes, We Clam Dip.")

Chèvre-Beet Crostini: to encourage Obama to "beet" McCain.

Stewart's Root Beer: we'll drink this when we switch to Comedy Central at 10:00. (Crap, no Stewart's at the store!)

(Sub-In) Barq's Root Beer: because McPalin is the one that bites! (Whew, cheesy puns saved!)

Doritos: also being consumed when we switch to Comedy Central. (You have to be a true Colbert Report fan to understand this choice.)

Guacamole: guac the vote for Barackamole!

Entemann's Doughnuts: they're in the shape of little "O"s.

Mitchell's Macapuno Ice Cream: to celebrate Hawaii.

Hungry? Get a menu pushed
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