Must-See Technology
September 14, 2007

Two years ago, my subscripton of Entertainment Weekly came with a free DVD insert of the Everybody Hates Chris premiere. We put it in, we watched it, we liked it, we TiVod it. This year, NBC pulled all their shows off of iTunes, but made their new pilots available at no charge on Amazon's Unbox and Comcast ON Demand. We watched Chuck, we liked it, we'll TiVo it.

I just opened my latest issue of EW and found a Cadillac-CBS sponsored device. Yes, it's a device. It's a reusable, mini-flash drive, which supposedly contains a look at their new show, The Big Bang Theory, along with a Cadillac commercial and a widget that "lets you stay wired to what's on this fall."

I pulled the 1.5-inch piece of flat plastic from the sticky plastic envelope and stared at it. I turned it over and saw Cadillac and CBS on one side and the tell-tale gold metallic on the other side. It's no bigger than a paperclip. The magazine ad orders, "Peel it off. Plug it in. Play it now."

Um? No!

I showed the device to my husband who said, "Don't you dare stick that in your computer! It's like sticking your tongue in a socket -- you don't know where it's been!"

He's right. I mean, I love new technology as much as the next girl who lives their life on the internet, and I was willing to slip a free DVD into my player, watch stuff from ON Demand on my cable box, but put a random mini-flash drive in my precious computer?

Now that's a bit scary.

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