Google: The Pepsi Freshmaker!
February 10, 2006
Carciofi Carciofi

Kids are always doing crazy things. In my day it was filling your mouth with PopRocks (when you could find them), drinking Coke, and waiting to see if you have a heart attack. Today, it's still pop and candy, but now you can watch these crazy kids on your computer!

The advent of Google Video has gotten people recording the weirdest things (I mean, vid-blogging your commute from San Francisco to Cupertino in the event that the rare car fire breaks up the oddly compelling monotony?), which then spurt across the internet for people to download, watch, copy, and film their own versions of those weird things. It's the circle of life, Google-style. Lately, some of the must-see Google Videos have been the ones of people stuffing two liter bottles of Diet Pepsi with Mentos, causing the soda shoot several feet in the air.

This is my favorite. It's the most dramatic of the ones Mathra and I watched, but this one is pretty good too.

Here's a page of many more. I particularly like "Torrey's Science Project" if only to hear the hypothesis and the train in the background.

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