I Just Made Sweatshirt at Land's End!
October 16, 2008

One of the things I have learned about volunteering my time at Land's End is that while I don't get paid, I do get swag.

My first day there, Alex took my release forms and handed me a "Trails Forever Land's End" pin stamped with a leaping green rabbit. That was an nice, unexpected perk, and I put it in my jewelry box and forgot about it.

Some weeks later -- I guess I should've been keeping track but I really wasn't -- Caroline presented me with a dark grey baseball cap with a big round patch on the front. It says "Volunteer" over the National Parks Service seal and looks very, very official, and when I'm wearing it, I can feel that the glare I give litterbugs is just that much more powerful. It's like a tsk-tsk finger on my head.

I was sort of stunned when Caroline explained that the more you volunteer, the more National Parks swag you get. I looked around at the fleece vests, sweatshirts, and polo shirts surrounding me and I wondered: how long before I get to vest level?

Well, I don't have the answer to that yet, but I did make sweatshirt last week. A cozy, green, hooded sweatshirt that only needs the temps in S.F. to drop about fifty degrees before I can curl up in it after a hard day's weeding, woodchip shifting (more on that later), or planting.

Communing with a terrified Western Fence Lizard before relocating him to a safer area.

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