Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure: Success!
September 23, 2008

All that knocking on wood must've helped because Sunday was an amazing success. Sam and I started together, ran together, kept each other's pace in line, and finished together with pink cans of Sofia sparkling wine at the end.

When I first signed up to do the Race for the Cure, I thought to myself, "Well, I might run part of it but walk a lot of it." But then the donations from all you wonderful people started coming in, and I realized that I should get more serious about it. You all were taking my pledge seriously, so I needed to take my running seriously.

Individually but still together, Sam and I gradually worked our way up from running 5 minutes to running 5K and were so successful that after we removed the chips from our shoes at the end of the race, my husband exclaimed that we weren't even out of breath. Not only that, a sudden sprint at the end meant that we bested my time by two minutes!

Because of your pledges and support, Sam and I ran and we ran hard. We also determined that we will both keep running and working toward a new goal: 10K. Maybe we won't race it, but we will run it and next year, we're talking about doing the Komen 3-Day Walk -- pink tents and everything!

I originally set out to raise a modest $900, but when the donations started flying in, I had to raise that ceiling a few times. In the end, I raised $1500 and had a fabulous time to boot. Combined, our Team Sam raised $6661.62! That total -- represented by donations garnered by myself, Sam, Joy, Catherine, and Fatemeh -- comprised 32.5% of Electronic Arts' (EA) company total!

Thank you everyone who supported us. Not only did you whip us into shape but you helped us raise a flock of money for breast cancer awareness. You also got me to the point where I'm going out on a run today in spite of the blisters garnered from last night's three-hour bowling session!

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