Whither Harry Potter, DAMMIT?!
July 20, 2007

Okay, late last night, I'm working hard and I decide to take a break and check the status of the very special, long awaited, my God why the hell isn't it here yet? book. I see that it is in South San Francisco at 1:51 AM, so I'm rubbing my hands in glee that I will get my hands on the FIVE POUND BOOK a day early. I figured there was no way USPS or UPS could interfere in the delivery process and make them hold the book until the 21st, right? I mean, interfering with U.S. Mail is a federal offense, yeah?

So, I get up this morning, take a shower, give my husband the phone so he can buzz UPS in, and start what I figure will be a Harry Potter-filled day. But because I have ADD, I'm hitting the refresh on my tracking device like a monkey on speed and I see this update:


Wait, WHAT? I'm the receiver! I DIDN'T request a hold for a future delivery date! What's going ON? I get UPS on the phone and tell the very nice UPS lady that my tracking info contains erroneous redelivery information. The Very Nice UPS Lady pauses and then asks, "Can I ask what is in the package?"

I laugh, because it's very clear that she's already knows what's in the package and will be getting calls like this all day. In fact, all UPS call centers probably issued an alert on purple embossed stationary that prepped them for this exact situation. "The Harry Potter book," I tell her, lamely. She chuckles back and says that they have to hold the book until tomorrow, but she promises that it will be delivered before 6 PM. Still chuckling, we both get off the phone. Aw, thanks Very Nice UPS Lady -- you made my day!

Now, would it kill UPS to change that alert to "THE SHIPPER REQUESTED A HOLD FOR A FUTURE DELIVERY DATE"? It might cut down on the mass panic sweeping the nation.

What I wonder is, if you work at UPS and had your book sent to your place of work, do you get it any earlier? Hmm. If there were any more books coming out, I might consider a career change...

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