Fringe Notes
September 9, 2008
Summary: It's sort of Flatliners meets Brannon Braga's D.O.A. Threshold but marries Luke's Empire Strikes Back arm, cheats on it with Miracles, and leaves it for Quantum Leap's selfless mission.

So, I decided not to Twit all of this in order to protect my Followers (why does that sound like I'm running a cult from my living room?) from way too many stutter-thoughts.

Note: Don't watch the first five minutes of the "Fringe" premiere while eating food. Yellow vomit and detached, degraded jaws = gross. (But also very cool in an Raiders of the Lost Ark frame of mind.)

Question: Why is it that weird things that happen on a plane are so much creepier than weird things that happen in other enclosed spaces? Think about it: Lost, that one episode of Miracles, and The Langoliers.

Statement: Fringe is totally stealing the chapter interludes from Heroes, but doing them one better. That said, I'm intrigued. Because: Josh Jackson. See, Peter Bishop is Joey Potter's soulmate all grows up. He's a high school drop-out, he has a record and gambling debts, he first-names his estranged, loony-binned father, and he drops the "sweetheart"s like Edward G. Robinson imitating Groucho Marx.

Note: When staging in Iraq, have your characters speak Arabic. Not Farsi. Because that's Iran, nimrods.

Statement: When you tell a character you love them in the pilot, one of you will be dead by the end of the episode.

Note: I'm sorry, but when I hear "astral projection," I just think of Prue Halliwell.

Sample dialog:


"What? What happened?"

"I just pissed myself!"


"Just a squirrrt."

Question: So, we have Global Dynamics in Eureka, but Massive Dynamics in Fringe. Which is scarier? One is like, all over, but the other is very, very big.

Statement: Olivia Dunham (the female lead, played by a very Cate Blanchett-y Anna Dvork) has a lover/fellow agent who, after exposure to the horrible, flesh-eating virus, has totally gone Visible Man in his comatose state.

Statement: Mindmelds in Massachusetts require the removal of all clothing, save for your black GAP skivvies.

Note: They got the Boston driving scene right on.

Note: Blatant rip off of Eureka with that Massive Dynamics commercial at the end.

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