Just a Few Friday Harbor Images
July 31, 2004

Lime Kiln Point Light. It's a great place to watch various whale pods come in from sea. Sadly, we didn't see any that day.

Come quick, there's a deer eating fruit from the orchard! Oh, come on -- just squint and you can see it!

The Borgaloupes! Note that the box appears to be filled with corn, which is, as you know Species 8472.

Sculpture Garden at Roche Harbor

I love this one -- it's called "Missing Piece."

Pi Girl (that'd be me) modeling her Saucy shirt.

This one's called "Vulcan" so we had to take a picture. Of course. Discuss over at Television Without Pity if you think it's a Star Trek reference.

Adorable. Called "Max" and looks exactly like a picture we have of Poppadum.

Uncanny, isn't it?

On the docks in town.

Ferry coming in. That's the exact same ferry we used to take out every summer.

The Olde Front Street Ale House

Roche Harbor

The View From Above

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