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A Day in the Life of Breast Feeding
May 2, 2013

1. Latch...
2. Latch...
4. Latch...
5. Latch...
6. Latch...? Woo-hoo!
7. OUCH! 8. Latch...
9. Latch...
10. Latch...
11. Latch!
12. Nurse.
13. Tabulate which breast and how long.
14. Make a chart to tabulate which breast and how long.
15. Pump.
16. Label, store, and save milk.
17. Feed self.
18. Walk into the next room.
19. Latch.
20. Nurse.
21. Forget to tabulate, make something up.
22. Massage potential clogged ducts.
23. Pump.
24. Label, store, and save milk.
25. Go to the bathroom.
26. Drink water.
27. Go to the bathroom.
28. Latch.
29. Nurse.
30. Apply cabbage leaves and cold compresses to ward off engorgement.
31. Tabulate.
32. Latch.

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