The Grub Report Nominated for Best Food Blog
May 17, 2007

Hey everyone, a very nice and flattering reader has nominated me for Best Food Blog over at the Blogger's Choice Awards! This is pretty cool and I'm very excited, so I'm asking all of you who read The Grub Report, like The Grub Report, and even crave The Grub Report to get out and eat the vote! Or just vote, you really don't have to eat it. Because it might be gross. And also sounds sort of rude.

I'm up against a lot of really stiff competition and if I don't win, hey, it's no big because (say it with me), "IT'S A PLEASURE JUST BEING NOMINATED."

And I really do believe that. I do. Of course, winning would also be nice.

My site was nominated for Best Food Blog!

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