Snow Advisory
December 30, 2004

Two days, 180 miles down a mountain pass at five miles an hour with a visibility of 100 yards, two sets of snow chains, two massive Sierra blizzards with avalanche conditions, seven hours on the road, and six cups of mulled wine in our dry and snowless SF apartment later -- I've had enough snow to last me a good long time.

I'm full.

This is when we thought chains were only needed to go UP. Later we realized we needed them to go down.


The hysterical thing is that this was the snow on our car after the first night. After the second night there was about five more feet.

Snow Car

Nail biter, all the way.

Mountain Pass

Beautiful but deadly. Check out the CA State Trooper leading the way down.

Caravan Down

About 50 miles later: What a difference crossing the snow line makes.

Back in 'Sunny' CA

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