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NCrackerAA: Semi-Final Round 1
November 12, 2013

Wheat Thins original
Goldfish cheddar
Carr's Rosemary
Cheez-Its white cheddar
Ritz original

Ohhhhh God. I just…where do I…why? God. This is impossible! And this isn't even the hardest one!

…Okay. I love Wheat Thins for their one-bite size and stackability, their top note of wheaty sweetness. And I love Ritz for their cakey texture and how they go with everything, even snobby cheeses. (They're probably not supposed to, but: they do.)

But I love Carr's Rosemary the most — even the green package that falsely implies vegetable healthfulness — and they've got my vote.

As for what wins: I don't think it's Wheat Thins, and I feel like Goldfish have as many detractors as fans. I'll pray for Carr's, but I think it's Ritz in the finals. — Sarah D. Bunting


Votes will get split between Cheez-Its and Goldfish (which, let's face it, are pretty much the same thing*), so I see this coming down as a pretty tough fight between Wheat Thins and Ritz. Ritz will always get my vote because, as a picky child, they made everything taste delicious, even tuna salad. --Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic

*As I type that, I can already feel the indignant wrath of the Cheez-Its and Goldfish fans steaming out from my laptop screen.

Now go on over to Tomato Nation and register your vote in the NCrackerAA.

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