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NCrackerAA: Round 1 Flight 4
October 25, 2013

The fourth flight distinguishes itself with me primarily via all the crackers in it that I hate. Goldfish pretzel: nope! Bremner wafers, a.k.a. "puffy shirt cardboard for grandpas": nope! Rye Triscuits: nope!

Original Cheez-Its, original Club, and pretzel Goldfish should sail through, but I'll only vote for that first one, plus provolone Cheez-Its -- sight untasted; I never heard of them before, but I love them already, and must track some down and write them off as a business expense while stuffing my face -- and Breton crackers. Bretons have a sweet wheatiness to them, and split in half, 1) they hold a cut of Camembert perfectly and 2) don't create too many crumbs. -- Sarah D. Bunting


There's no way original Cheez-Its and Club Crackers don't easily take this round, but it's harder to predict what the third will be. Goldfish pretzel? Unnecessarily over-flavored Triscuits? Perhaps.

For my personal part in all this, I'm probably pulling for poppadum (because: cat without peer and dreams of raita-chutney-curry sauce deliciousness), Vinta -- for no reason other than they sound like an Italian supermodel who routinely shaves half her head and wears leather underwear -- and Bremner wafers. Why Bremner wafers? Because they are the most excessively bland flavorless cracker ever conceived outside of the Holy Sacrament until you use them to scoop up microwave-melted brie in which case there is nothing better. -- Stephanie V.W Lucianovic

Now go on over to Tomato Nation and register your vote in the NCrackerAA.

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