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August 5, 2014

Thin Mints
Oreos, orig
Milanos, orig
Nutter Butters

I am shocked -- SHOCKED -- that no Chips Ahoy made it to the finals, and yet Nutter Butters did? Bizarre. That is the only finalist that truly shocks me, although I guess I didn't think Milanos could beat Chips Ahoy either.

I am not shocked -- NOT SHOCKED -- to see two offerings from the Girl Scouts here. I don't love Samoas as much as I do the Do-Si-Dos, but they happen to be Dr. Mathra's favorite, so I'll allow that there are lots of similarly-minded people out there. I think it's going to be a photo finish between Thin Mints and Oreos with Oreos coming out the winner. --Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic

It's surprising -- and not in a bad way -- to see what ISN'T here. Chips Ahoy, anything with "soft" in the name, all pesky fruit left in the dust.

It's also a cinchy call for me; I only eat two of these cookies, Thin Mints and Nutters, with any regularity, and as much as I love the salty hit from an NB's cheap PB, I've got to go Thin Mints. And in every previous round, calling it for Thin Mints was a no-brainer, but here, up against its own purple-boxed brand rival and two chocolatey classics? ...With the understanding that a couple of my semifinal predictions were so estranged from the actual outcome that I'm not sure I made them in English: it's close...but it's Oreos. -- Sarah D. Bunting


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